Opinion: How Sir Alex Ferguson's Interference In Manchester United Affairs Affects The Club.

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Manchester United suffered a shocking and an embarrassing defeat against Leicester City on Saturday 16 October, to push them further away from the top four position. According to former United legend, Gary Neville, Ole Solksjaer rotates his squad like Sir Alex Ferguson used to, because he has access to so many players and that is simply affecting the team badly. This indirectly means the former Manchester United manager still interferes in the affairs of the club (directly or indirectly), and it affecting the team negatively.

Sir Alex obviously has a great influence in the club, there have been reports that he recommended most of the managers that have replaced him since he left. Another example of how powerful his influence is in the club, is how he facilitated Ronaldo's return to the club, reports also have it that the transfer was made possible because of interference.

Manchester United have become a club run by emotions and nostalgia, rather than common sense/reality, and Sir Alex is partly to blamed because he interferes in key decisions. There are reports that Solksjaer wanted a midfielder but the club chose to get Cristiano Ronaldo instead of granting his request, and all that happened because of the former manager. That decision is currently affecting the team's style of play, formation and performance, because the 36 year-old is like a liability in the club, unfortunately Solksjaer seems to be at the receiving end.

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