How Some Big Media Houses Erroneously Reported The Ghanaian Student Who Committed Suicide In School


News reporters are doing great job by daily providing the nation with news around the world. They have been helpful to the nation so many years. However, there are some who are always in a rush to report news and end up misleading readers. When news break out in Ghana, everybody including some big media houses in Ghana are in a rush to report it.

For so many years, certain news have been wrongly reported without the public or the readers knowing it. Everybody is in a rush to be the first to report breaking news. Many media houses do not dig deep to found out more about the the news. A typical example is what happened when the Ghanaian student who committed suicide was reported.

One of the confusing thing some media reported was the age of the girl. In four media houses I came across, all of them reported a different age for the girl. Some reported it as "a 14-year-old". Another reported it as a "17-year-old". That wasn't enough, another well known media house reported it as "16-year-old" and the last one was a "15-year-old".

So the question is, which one is reporting the truth or the facts?

This is quite confusing because this will mislead a reader who comes across all of these four major headlines. Which one are we believing? 14 years, 17 years, 16 years or 15 years. Critically looking at the headlines, you will realize another inconsistencies and errors.

Whiles some are saying she is a JHS student, others are also reporting it as SHS student. How do they get their information before reporting it? Do they actually gets their facts right before reporting? Which one should readers believe in?

In as much as they are serving Ghanaians with the latest news both local and international, they should also make sure they get the facts right before reporting. Being in a haste to report the news will definitely lead to some errors as in the case of this Ghanaian student who committed suicide. This is one of the problems in Ghana at the moment that we need to fix it.