Make Your Own Jollof Rice With Locust Beans


"Dawadawa" is a fermented paste made from the seeds of the African locust bean tree. It has a distinctive odor and flavor. In Ghana's north, it is well-liked. It can be found in nearly all soups and stews. "Tuozaafi "and "Chinkaafa "are two of "Dawadawa's" favorites.

"Dawadawa" is a female-only product.When they are done, they are poured from one container to another, usually a calabash gourd, to winnow away the seed coat, then washed again to remove any remaining wood ash. The seeds are boiled for another two hours, then drained and placed in a fabric bag that is weighted to press out excess moisture. The seeds are left to ferment for 72 hours until the "dawadawa" is completely fermented. The mixture is then formed into small balls by the women in order to conserve and store the product. Currently, a generic "dawadawa "made from soy beans is being manufactured that is easier to make because it does not require boiling and is less labor intensive than the original dawadawa made from Parkia biglobosa seeds. The traditional "dawadawa "may be phased out in favor of a manufactured replacement. When this occurs, the value that local farmers put on the tree is likely to decline, potentially causing the tree to become extinct in Ghana.Furthermore, the imported ones would encourage more families to buy" dawadawa "rather than make it at home, which will help to maintain the traditional method of production. In "Hausa", it is known as ""dawadawa", and in" Frafra Gurune", it is known as" Kolgo". Many of Ghana's best seasonings, including garlic, onions, chilli powder, powdered shrimp, powdered fish, salted fish, and" dawadawa", have a heavy odor.

It can be used to treat both internal and external wounds by grinding it and applying the paste to the wound. It can also be used to cook local dishes. A healthy digestive system is beneficial to the body's overall health. Locust beans improve digestion and ensure proper body function when added to local dishes. Constipation, which can eventually lead to haemorrhoids, can be prevented by doing so.

The black seasoning has a high lipid content of 29%, protein content of 35%, and carbohydrate content of 16%, making it a decent source of protein, fat, and calcium. Locust beans are healthy for the eyesight and can help with conditions like minus eyes, cataracts, and other eye problems. With a basic understanding of the health benefits of "dawadawa," join me in my kitchen as I take you through the steps of making one of my favorite one-pot dishes, "Dawadawa" Jollof.









 Smoked Fish

Cooking Oil



Set aside the blended tomatoes, onions, pepper, garlic, and ginger.

Combine the blended ingredients after frying the onions in hot oil.

Prepare the fish based on the type of fish you choose to use.Allow about 10 minutes for the mixture to boil.

Toss in the washed rice with the stew.

Depending on how soft you like your rice, add a small amount of water and half a teaspoon of salt, then mix.Allow it to cook on a medium heat, stirring periodically to avoid burning.

"Dawadawa" Jollof can be garnished with vegetables if desired.

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