It could be time for us to pay against what we did to our fellow Africans: Opinion

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Xenophobia has never been a good thing, and it normally happens during the festive season. During these months that includes September, October, and November. Most of the times in December there is not much about xenophobia because, everybody is busy preparing for a Christmas party. Everybody is busy partying somewhere.

Now we know that for quite some time starting from 2010, during the Year where South Africa hosted the World Cup, it is when we started seeing severe xenophobic attacks against our African brothers and sisters. Then it was one of the biggest attack that showed the world how cruel we are as a South Africans. To make matters worse, it did not just the target the African people alone, they are South Africans that have lost their children that were mistaken for foreigners, just because they couldn't speak Zulu properly.

It was very pathetic, if you can also remember there was a time where Alexander had a problem with rats. They said they are rats everywhere that were seen in Alexander, and they are eating everything, even a small babies, but then I gave a warning and say I think this is the blood of our fellow African brothers, that is crying from the ground against our nation.

If you remember very well that, this big xenophobic attack started in Alexander. It was then we saw a lot of African Brothers who were burned with tires, and their shops were destroyed. It was very pathetic and right now, I wouldn't blame the Somalians for retaliating the way that they just did. They have always been a target of our brutal behaviour.

Besides the issue of foreigners, they are a lot of problems that we are facing in South Africa, just to talk of the issue of corona alone, it was more severe here in South Africa than in any other African country. Accidents, crime, gender-based violence it could be the blood that we have spilled on the ground, calling for another blood.

It's just that it needs people that have got spiritual eyes to see. I know others will continue to comment, and inciting violence against other Africans, but we must know that everything that we do has got consequences.

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