Reactions as Sonko Leaks a Video Showing Ksh 1,000 Coin with Moi's Head


Former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko has today wowed his fans after he leaked a video showing a coin worth Ksh 1,000 bob on his Instagram page. 

In Kenya, the coin with the highest value is worth Ksh 40 bob. Other coin denominations include Ksh 20, 10, 5 and 1 bob coins. The rest of the Kenyan money is in terms of notes. 

The money with the highest value, which is Ksh 1,000, is in terms of notes and not coins. There are several other notes including Ksh 500 note, Ksh 200 note, Ksh 100 note and Ksh 50 note.

Many people have been used to Ksh 1,000 being in note form and not coin form. However, there seems to be a change and Kenyans might get used to a unique Ksh 1000 coin as leaked by Sonko.

In the video leaked by Sonko, the silvery Ksh 1,000 coin had the head of the late former president of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi perfectly printed on one side. The side with the head had the inscriptions, "DANIEL TOROITICH ARAP MOI, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA."

On the other side of the coin, the Kenyan court of arms with two lions holding spears and a traditional East African shield in the middle was perfectly printed. It had the inscriptions, "CENTRAL BANK OF KENYA, SILVER JUBILEE 1991, ONE THOUSAND SHILLINGS." 

 Click the link below to watch the video:

Silver jubilee means a celebration of a 25th anniversary, especially that of a monarch ascending to the throne. Former president Daniel Moi reigned for 24 years as the president of Kenya. He ascended to power on 22nd August 1978 to 30th December 2002.

The video shared by Mike Sonko sparked mixed reactions as netizens were surprised to see the coin. Below are some of their comments:

Dr Bonnie Otieno, "Hii ikipotea naanzia wapi Mhesh."

Iana Maru94, "Si ununue lunch Mhesh."

 Jabzz Singh, "This coin was made in 1991 for Silver Jubilee of the Central Bank of Kenya."

Kenyan Gal254, "Kwani imekuwa wapi since 1991😂."

Kilwake Mary, "Pia mimi niko nayo😂😂."