Leeds city centre left a mess with empty cans and bottles all over ground after promotion Party


LEEDS fans partied hard in the city centre celebrating the team's promotion to the premier league after 16 years but left behind masses of rubbish.

Marcelo Bielsa's men are back in England's top league 16 years after they were relegated. The Whites were promoted after Huddersfield beat West Brom on Friday.

The streets were littered with empty beer bottles and food packaging which will cause a major headache to council workers to clear up after the celebration.

Bins were overflowing with booze bottles as workers had their work cut out to get things back to normal as around 7,000 people joined the party.

Leeds United were promoted to the Premier League on Friday night after Huddersfield beat West Brom and then crowned EFL champions when Brentford lost away at Stoke City on Saturday - which led celebrations.

They didn't stop there went on to trash the Yorkshire side, easily beating them in a Derby 3-1 away on Sunday.

I guess it is play hard and party hard.

The club were fined £200,000 for the scandal.

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