Check out pictures of a 17 Years Old Nigerian whose Academic Brilliance shook the World


Just few days ago, a young teenager of about 17 years identified as Victory Yinka-Banjo has gotten 19 scholarship offers from various Universities in both America and Canada.

Prior to her outstanding performance IET and SAT examinations. Victory was believed to have squashed 9As in her WASSCE.

Amongst the schools looking out for her, are; MIT, Harvard, John Hopkins and Stanford University. 

According to her, in an interview, "Victory stated that she would compare her choice well before she picks any. "

She's a genius and as such, talent as her shouldn't be wasted in a country as Nigeria were the educational system has longed failed the citizen. 

Nigeria has several of talents which are still hidden because there are no supports from the leaders, even if there are any support it is not worth it as many of these leaders or organisations rather than invest in the educational sector would prefer emptying their banks on entertainments which could fetch them more in return. It's high time we turn a new leaf and revive this sector been jeopardised.

Congrats Victory, Nigeria to the World.!!!!! We hope and pray for God's direction as you take a decision. Once more congrats lad. The world awaits your greatness.