Courses For Students With D Plus (+) And Below.


Getting a low grade in KCSE doesn't mean that's the end of pursuing your educational dream. Instead of giving up, there are various courses that one can pursue with a D+.

These courses are offered in various tertiary institutions in Kenya.

A student can select any of the following courses :

1. Artisan in electrical installation.

This is a technical course which deals provision of manual labor in electrical plants.

Artisan in electrical installation is one of the most Marketable Courses that is offered in different tertiary institutions in Kenya.

The following are some of the institutions that offer this course:

- Kisumu institute

- Imara Institute of Science and Technology

- Kisii National Polytechnic

- Kasarani Technical and Vocational Institute.

For you to pursue this course, you need to meet the following requirements;

- KCPE certificate or KCSE grade of D+ and below.

The program runs for about 6 - 12 months.

With a Certificate in artisan in electrical installation , you can get a job in installing electric equipments, inspection and maintenance of electrical plants.

2. Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy .

This involves gaining skills in cosmetic use, salon operations and other beauty products.

This course is suitable for people who have interest in beauty industry and they can even open their own beauty parlors to offer such services.

The following are some of institutions that offer Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Diploma ;

Nakuru Training Institute

Pettans Institute of Business Studies

Kenya Coastal National Polytechnic

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies.

For one to pursue this course, he/ she must attain D plain and below in KCSE.

With a Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, you can get a job in salons, parlours or even establish your own beauty shop.

3. Business courses such as human resource management and sales and marketing.

These are business courses which equip a student with skills necessary for beginning and running of business.

Human Resource Management , involves gaining skills in managing business resources, skills in employee recruitment and remuneration and skills in sharing of the scare business resources.

Sales and marketing involves attaining knowledge and skills necessary in marketing products through advertising, keeping the market updated about new products, improvement in the existing products and changes in price.

To pursue this course, you need to have D+ and below and C plain and above in Business Studies, Mathematics and English/ Kiswahili.

This course provides job opportunities in company marketers, production supervisors and allocation of resources supervisor.

You can also start and run your own business using the gained skills.

4. Catering and Accommodation

This is a course under the hospitality industry. It equips learners with skills to manage customer service requirements.

In this field, one can specialize in Hotel Management and catering, Hospitality Management, Catering and Hotel administration and Hotel and Catering Technology.

The following are some of the best institutions to pursue catering studies:

Kenya Institute of Professional Studies.

Technical University of Mombasa

Kirinyanga University

For you to join these institutions, you must have a D+ and above in KCSE .

It takes 2- 3 years to study catering and Accommodation .

You can get a job in hotel management, tourism and other related departments.

Don't give up on pursuing your dream in higher education, these courses are good for you to achieve your goals.