Birthday Celebration Post For Georgina Njenga Turns Chaotic For "Cheating" Her Age According To Fans

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Georgina Njenga the girlfriend to the former Machachari actor Baha was celebrating her birthday today. Baha went ahead to post the good news on her Facebook page that she was turning twenty years old.

Many fans were not glad to hear that she was celebrating her twentieth birthday. They claim that she is cheating her age and she should be around twenty fours years according to one of the fan. Another one went ahead to give a screen shot of what it looks like Georgina's Facebook account. According to the Facebook account Georgina is said to be about twenty two years old.

A different group of fans critisized her for indecent dressing and drawing tattoos all over her thighs.Theu say that she is walking naked at twenty and what if she turns thirty years? She will walk completely naked. Another fans said that the tattoo on her thighs will wither when she becomes old and it will look like traditional vegetable.

For the biggest longest many celebrities have found themselves in hard situation after claims that they were cheating their ages.I made some collection of funny comments from the fans 5o make your day.

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