Sowore Drops 6 Prayer Points For Kogi Deputy Governor's Daughter As She Celebrates


Renowned activist and #RevolutionNow convener, Omoyele Sowore has reacted after the kogi state deputy governor shared pictures of his daughter's matriculation.

Chief Edward Onoja had shared the pictures on his Twitter page congratulating his daughter after her matriculation yesterday in one of Nigeria's leading private universities, the Nile University of Nigeria in Abuja and this drew reactions from Nigerians across the country.

One very notable reaction that caught the attention of Nigerians was that of Sowore as he dropped some very strong prayer points for the politician's daughter.

As others congratulated the girl, Sowore took the opportunity to pray against the average "Nigerian condition" from befalling the girl.

 Sowore had congratulated Chief Onoja's daughter on her matriculation and had shared these strong prayer points for her:

1, May you never live in a world of impunity, 

2, May you never become unemployed upon graduation 

3, May your future be bright, and may you never have to work without getting paid

4, May your pension never be denied when you retire

 5, May you never be silenced for speaking up against tyranny

6, May you never die in election-related violence! 

These prayers, which is seen as the common problem most Nigerian graduates have in the country is, however, not associated with children of the highly placed as their parents always find a means to fix them in the best places.

Recall a few days ago, some supporters of the Kogi state government were seen brutalizing some young men who were seen pasting some posters around the state.

The anti-Buhari posters were seen as an insult to the presidency and the men spared no time to flog the young boys for carrying out the act.

This and more may have informed the reason for Sowore's prayers and especially, the 5th prayer point where he prayed against being silenced for speaking up against tyranny.


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