Video: Faustina Badu, The School Girl Who Had To Share Her Single School Uniform With Her Siblings.


I am a strong man, but I will admit that when I first saw this video, I cried. The country's degree of financial inequality between the rich and the poor is far too high. In Ghana, some people could barely afford two square meals every day. People are suffering, yet no one is willing to speak up for them. Mama Africa has a responsibility to speak up for her children.

After their father, Faustina Badu's breadwinner, died, life became intolerable for her and her younger siblings. Faustina explained that her mother couldn't afford separate school uniforms for all of her siblings due to poverty, so she had to share hers with her sisters.

"Because our school was a shift system, my younger sister would be waiting for me at the back of the school after I closed in the afternoon, so she could wear my school uniform to the afternoon shift." We were very careful with our school clothing because it was frayed and patched. Because of our ragged school clothes, other kids don't often want to play with us."

She also stated that her younger sister was unaware of their father's death, but that some of her classmates would occasionally remind her that her father had died when they did anything wrong to her.

"When my sister was attacked at school, she told her bullies she was going to notify her father, and they laughed at her since her father was dead." She'd ask me, but I'd told her that our father had gone on a trip."

What happened to these kids after their heartbreaking story was published? We're curious.

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