Buruburu Girls' School Closed After Night Fire Incident, Parents Allowed to Take Their Children Home

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Buruburu Girls' Secondary school has been closed indefinitely after the Sunday night fire that razed part of the dormitory leaving scores injured.

Announcing the closure, Board of Management (BoM) Chairman Lazarus Opicho stated that the decision was agreed upon, following a parents' meeting on Monday morning.

“Parents will be allowed to go home with the girls and the date when they are supposed to come back will be communicated,” stated Mr. Lazarus.

There ensued a scuffle between parents and the school's management on Sunday night, following the fire incident and parents not being allowed to leave with their children. Discreet reports indicate that some students had threatened to torch down the school.

A video footage that has since gone viral showed some of the students jumping off from higher floors as onlookers watched helplesslysince they couldn't access the school and be part of the rescue operations.

It was not immediately established what caused the fire, but investigations have since been started. Following the fire outbreak, several parents flocked the school demanding to have their children back.

Law enforcers and the school management had tough time containing the aggrieved parents. The parents were lamenting not being told anything concerning the safety of their children.

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