The Star: Omosh Regrets Asking For Help Again


Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia also known as Omosh has confessed that he regret asking for help again. Yes, you read it right. To my fans and the rest, get your latest update, gossip and trend, am sorry for being antisocial for a while please kindly hit the follow button in the right hand corner and please don't you forget to leave your opinion on the comment section below. Also like and share.

He apologized to Kenyans for asking for financial help again a few months after they raised money for him. The Star Newspapers brought the matter to the light. In a previous interview in TV47, Omosh pointed out some people did not come through on their promise to help him.

He added that he needed of a camera, tripod, lights and a microphone to produce his planned comedy show.

Singer B Classic offered and bought him the items as he shared a video telling him to look him up so as to recieve the items last Sunday.

He pointed out on how he used the money given to him. "I used most of the money to pay debts that had accumulated, school fees for my kids – nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa", he said.

The actor however regreted doing the interview and asking for help for the second time. "I did not expect that interview to blow out that much. I am an actor and sometimes we say things that turn out to be serious. I am ready to rise back. At the moment I am jobless but I have received a few offers," he said.

"My biggest regret is going for that interview. I wish I did not go."

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