A man got blocked on twitter by Konka for doing this in public

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As amusing as it appears to be, it is also painful. A man posted this picture of himself on his personal social media page with the caption "My Konka," but this resulted in tears for him, as he did not even get to see the Konka.After his posting, the trending, well-known restaurant decided to just block the guy from accessing their page on Twitter. People felt his pain.because it was something they did not expect to see from such a huge brand. Some people went on to say that maybe he was not their target market. There could be other reasons too. We all feel sorry for Konka. Share your thoughts on this matter. What do you think about Konka blocking this guy? The shoulf be a very serious reason, you cant block your customer for just sharing their post stainf next to the restaurant. Don't forget to like and comment on this article.



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