Top 5 best bra women should have

It's important to find something that fits properly and feels good.for example fitting straps and wires can dig into your skin.wearing a bra without sufficient support will hurt your posture and cause pain in your neck,back and shoulders.bra also affects how well your clothes fit your body.depending on the fit,this could help you feel great about your look and leave you feeling insecure.To find the right bra to support your best self,learn how the different types of bras might fit on to learn about the 5 bra styles every woman should have in her chest.

5 bra styles you need

1 sports bra

Sports bra are very comfortable during exercise.breast movement during exercise causes discomfort and tenderness because breasts are not used to such high intensity movement .

2 push up bras

This are the best bra every woman should have in their closet.they have an underwire that presses firmly to your body but don't worry because an underwire is harmless.

3 strapless bra

i love this type of bra,they also have underwire and lower band to give your breast support.this type of bra is better for small and medium size breasts.

4bullet bras

This type of bra gives your breast the shape of a gives high support and extended coverage.its so perfect for a woman with big boobs.

5 minimizer bra

if you want to give the illusion of a slimmer chest you can do it easily with this type of hugs your breast while giving them extra support.they make you feel more secure,supported and in great shape.

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