22-Year-Old Daniella Nyarko Killed Her 70-Year-Old Father In Tema, Angel TV News Confirms


Crime rate has increased greatly in the country putting fear into lots of Ghanaians.Many people have adopted diverse security measures to keep their families safe during this period

However there has been another shocking murder incident in the Greater Accra Region.Per the report from Angel news, 22 year old Daniella Nyarko killed her 70 year old father in Tema

The report futher detailed that the girl was living together with her father and other siblings in the Community 2 area.She entered her father's room on that very day and stabbed him continuously in the neck area till he passed away

The report also said that Daniella had a little mental disorder and that might contributed to her crazy behaviour.Her family members called the police and she has been remanded awaiting futher investigations

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us.

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