DP Ruto Will Not Win If This Group of People Fail to Vote for Him - Opinion


Statehouse optimistic Deputy President William Ruto hit the campaign road quite early as the common saying goes ,"the earlier the better". It may end in tears for hopeful Ruto if some group of united individuals ditch him on the polling day.

The deputy president will go nowhere if people from Central Kenya counties fail to vote for him. Analyst Manyora also said ," Ruto is going nowhere without Mt Kenya." We must admit that this is a united region that vote as a block ,anyone betting on Mt Kenya cannot lose- it is home for Kenya's biggest ethnic group.

When it all began, Ruto seemed to have played his cards well until the famous Sagana meeting was held. Ruto was almost taking Mt Kenya behind Uhuru's back something that was termed as a big mistake by many political observers.

Shortly after tye meeting, BBI was accepted and the ground appeared to shift against Ruto. Despite recruiting a number of loyalists from the region, more needs to be done so as he can convince close to 60% of votes. Central Kenya holds Ruto's key to success.

It is such a combination that won in 2013 and 2017. Ruto's foot soldiers in Mt Kenya need to up their game if they're real friends to Ruto. Ruto's backyard, Uasin Gishu, is 96% his we can all agree on this. Ruto should just find a way to win this group of persons that have never voted for an outsider, let him break the record. Raila has been betting on other regions since 1997 but has never won, it is because he lacks Mt Kenya Support.

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