"Anything For Billionaire Patrice Motsepe " - Lasizwe Set Tongues Wagging As He His Soccer's Skills

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Lasizwe started his career through vines and vlogs by mimicking how South Africans act on social media.

Through his regular consistent skits, Lasizwe became noticed and as people loved his videos, he became popular as a YouTuber. He would share on his channel different types of imitations and distribute videos on a daily basis.

Lasizwe admits that he has an interest in the multibillionaire entrepreneur Patrice Motsepe, and that he is willing to do everything in order to win the position of President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). After capitalizing on a trend that was being discussed on Tik Tok about how a person behaves obliviously about a red flag in order to receive some benefits, the YouTuber had viewers rolling on the floor with amusement. His video was about it.

In a video that was uploaded to Instagram, Lasizwe is heard saying that he does not have a deep passion for soccer. In the next scene, he cited Patrice, in which the millionaire claims that his favorite thing to do is watch soccer stars. In the third scene, the actor is shown competing with other football players while racing around a football field.

Photos of Lasizwe in the pitch

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β€œAnything for Billionaire Patrice Motsepe,” the content creator captioned the video which garnered lots of attention.

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