(Throwback photos) 4th March 1957, Ghana crowned the first Miss Ghana queen, Monica Amekoafia.


Today marks the 64th year the first miss Ghana queen was crowned. The grand finale of the pagent was held two days before Ghana attained independence. 22 year old Monica Amekoafia, who represented the Trans- Volta Togoland emerged the winner of the competition. 

Monica Amekoafia who hailed from Alavanyo in the Volta region was the contestant number 9, a number which would forever become the nickname of the Ewe's because she was from Volta region. The monumental achievement was marked with a statue depicting Monica in Hohoe.

The Miss Ghana pageant was an initiative Ghana's first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah started, to provide the avenue for young women to inspire their societies. The winner of the pageant was eligible to participate on the bigger platform called the Miss World. An opportunity Monica Amekoafia turn down after meeting the man of her dreams, Henry Kofi Marrah, who was a Ghanaian diplomat.

Monica Amekoafia and Henry got married and stayed in Europe for a while before relocating to Ghana after the overthrow of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The couple had two daughters and one son. Sadly, Monica lost her husband, Henry Kofi Marrah in 1985, thus after 28 years of marriage. Five years later, she succumbed to asthma and died on the 24th June.

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