Destiny Etiko Took Photos In Style With Prophet Chukwuemeka


Nollywood actress Destine Etiko was spotted with the Lion himself, Prophet Chukwuemeka Cyril Oanaemere in an event. Both the prophet and Destiny Eteko met at the place, then took beautiful photos together and had some conversations.

The event was organized by Nollywood director, Solomon Apete for the death of someone. Destiny Etiko was there to give her wishes and condolences to the death of the unknown person. Her present with that of Prophet Chukwuemeka really sparkled the place.

Destiny took lovely photos with the prophet and they both look happy to have met each other at the place. A fan asked Destiny if she could take a photo with her and Destiny agreed with a smile on her face. Later on, lots of people started rushing the drama doll for a selfie. 

The Actress has gained lots of fans and popularity over the years. She has now builder herself to be one of the most sorts after Nollywood actress.