A taxi bursts into flames in Pietermaritzburg

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A taxi full of passengers in Pietermaritzburg bursts into flames in a multi- vehicle collision. A bakkie and two trucks and five cars on the N3 South in Pietermaritzburg in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Here are the comments of people about the horrifying accident.

"Maybe the taxi hit a pothole... Everything happening that side is no longer coincidental"

"Do something about the taxi's they are a menace on the roads and this one sounds particularly horrific."

"We got a serious issue of car collisions in south africa i wonder how people drive nowadays it very sad to loose loved onces on such horrible accidents"

"Yeah that road there has been a disaster waiting to happen for a while now, we need the proper authorities to act and fix roads enforce existing laws especially on taxi operators and truck they are increasingly reckless on the roads now. I can assure you no amount of prayer will solve a problem that can be easily fixed by a competent government"

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