This is Why You are still Suffering even though You are a Christian - Popular Pastor Explains


Many people are of the view that once you become a Christian, you have the power to defeat all demonic powers and principalities. The Holy Bible even says that by the mention of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow and all tongues shall confess that he is Lord.

It therefore makes sense that once a person has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour, all things should fall in place for them.

However, experience has taught most of us that, you can be a Christian and still go through problems and trials for a very long time.

A popular man of God has explained why it is often like that. He has touched on how come one may be a staunch Christian, but still go through immense suffering.

Most readers are aware of the story in the Bible when Lucifer and his agents were angels of God. The Bible says that he rebelled against the Almighty God and so was thrown out of Heaven together with one-third of the angels.

Those angels that were thrown out became demons. Some of them we are told live in trees, stones, rivers and also in the ocean.

Pastor Abraham in an interview with Youtuber Zion Felix made it known that eight powerful demons who abide is water bodies are responsible for the suffering of Christians. According to him, once a person becomes a Christian, these demons go all out to make their life uncomfortable. They see to it that they inflict the Christian with poverty, diseases and infirmities. They do this in order for the child of God to backslide.

He explained that no amount of prayer can save the situation, because the Prince of Persia will always come in to steal the answers coming from God as it happened to Daniel in the book of Daniel.

He went on to disclose that the only way to break from the torments of those demons is to be set free by a powerful man of God whose level of spiritual maturity is higher than the power of those demons. When that is done, then the Christian can begin to enjoy all that the Lord has in store for them.

This is how some Ghanaians reacted to the message of the pastor:

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