What David Seaman meant by the phrase "Arsenal players are getting away with murder."

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Many former Arsenal players have expressed their concern over the club's present predicament. Among these former players is ex-Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman. David Seaman recently spoke about Arsenal's issues on talkSPORT.

David Seaman used a phrase to highlight who deserves to share some of the blame for Arsenal's current poor run of results.

Concerning who is to blame, David Seaman stated: "Arteta was getting criticism, but the players weren't showing up, and I was like, Wait a minute, these guys are 'getting away with murder', because there's not much spoken about them and they're not doing well."

As much as this is David Seaman's opinion, the reality of his statement, or the phrase used, shouldn't be swept under the carpet. Why?

Mikel Arteta has been the person who has been criticised the most over Arsenal's failures in recent times, with less focus on the performances of the players currently at Arsenal players.

However, with the phrase 'getting away with murder of late', David Seaman showed the reason why Arsenal players deserve to receive as much blame as did Arteta. The players aren't turning up, which, to me, is a strong point. 

Let's not forget that Mikel Arteta is the coach responsible for tactics. He has little business with the decisions of his players on the pitch. So if the results are not coming, then the players themselves are definitely the cause.

So, instead of wanting Mikel Arteta out, Arsenal should focus on finding a way to cajole the players to step up their game. Because regardless of a coach's effort, if the players don't turn up as expected in games, or put much effort to carry out the assignment given them by the coach, then the coach's efforts will be in vain. So, rather than focusing on Mikel Arteta alone, the focus should be redirected to the Arsenal players.

Do you agree that the players deserve to bear more of the blame for Arsenal's current situation, or do you still think that Mikel Arteta should bear it all? 

Let's get your opinion below. 

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