How traditional healers suppose to use the ancestors to heal their patients (opinion)

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in this world the are different beliefs and religions, it's important to follow the one that you believe will able to heal you and your family

because if you don't believe you won't be healed, you can change many traditional healers, you won't be healed because you don't believe

when you're suffering from any illness don't change traditional healers no matter you didn't get the answers that you're looking

Firstly when you consult a traditional healer, you must have your information that will link with what has said by the traditional healer, because your ancestors shows you every thing in your dreams dreams

something you will dream about yourself inside the toilet or any dirty thing, that is the sign of isichitho and when you dream about dogs that are bitting you, that means your ancestors are angry with you

so the traditional healer must include that your ancestors are angry with or you are bewitched by isichitho, traditional healers are able to heal physical and emotional illness from birth to death rituals

They have a stronge connection with ancestors, so they will able to communicate with your ancestors to find how traditional healer can help you

Traditional healer have power to protect any kind of witchcraft, it is believed that ancestors give them guidance, on how to heal and find certain medicine that can help someone to remove bad luck and some serious illnesses

Traditional healers works in different ways some are throwing bones to find help from their ancestors, in this process the traditional healer will ask the name of the patient and traditional healer will call upon his ancestors following by the patient ancestors

It is important that the traditional healer to mention exactly what is happening to you Because it is what he is going to heal

Source umsamo institute and African traditional chemist

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