Know your Ghana Emergency Contact service dialing numbers


Emergency is something serious which is not expected expected to happen. But when they do happen, what should one do.

In Ghana there are several emergency service institutions. But there are three which are main and are usually called upon. These are Ghana Police Service, Ghana Ambulance Service and Ghana Fire Service.

Now let us look at the numbers to call when there is an emergency pertaining to any of these three.

Ghana Police Service.

When there is an emergency of robbery, or any violence, the police is the first person call.

Dial 112 or 191 to call the police.

Ghana Ambulance Service.

When there is an emergency pertaining to health issues, the ambulance service is always ready to help. Dial 112 or 193 on your phone.

Ghana Fire Service.

In case of fire emergency to any disaster pertaining issue, the Ghana fire service is the one to call. Dial 112 or 192 to call them.

Sometimes all the three will come depending on the incident.

There is a caution to avoid prank calls on them.

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