"After Saying Rubbish About Me And Now You Want Peace" -Mompha Says As Oye Kyme Begs

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Concerning the Mompha, Bobrisky and Oye Kyme saga which has become a trending issue on the social media platforms, the billionaire businessman Ismaila Mustapha who is popularly known as Mompha has taken to his official Instagram handle to show off the chats he had with Oye Kyme.

It is worthy of note that Oye Kyme claimed Bobrisky who is a popular crossdresser in Nigeria dated Mompha and Mompha gave the allegation a negative remark. Mompha stated that he never dated Bobrisky and Bobrisky also declared on Instagram that he did not date Mompha.

However, Oye Kyme has turned the table around. One could see through the chat that Mompha shared that Oye Kyme begged for peace to reign. She expressed how sorry she was and pleaded for forgiveness. Sharing the chat on Instagram, Mompha jokingly said that Oye Kyme is now begging him after all what she said. Mompha said: "After saying rubbish about me and now you want peace".

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