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Episode 4

Immediately she entered, Bob ran after her, Stephanie entered, and saw Selena sitting on the cushion, Hey! Love, who is this lady or is she your sister? Stephanie asked, what are you doing here? I didn't invite you to come, Bob said, I just came back from journey, and I missed you, Stephanie replied. I thought you said you are a changed man now, I haven't started dating you yet, and another lady is here, I have to be on my way now Selena said as she stood up to leave, no you don't have to go, Bob pleaded, what is happening here? Stephanie interrupted them, it's none of your business, just leave before I get back here, Bob said as he ran after Selena, am not going anywhere, Stephanie said as she comfortably sat on the cushion. Few minutes later, Bob returned, Stephanie! Where are you? Bob called out, You have to leave now, Bob said as he saw her coming down from the stairs, Bob who was that lady? Stephanie asked, she is my girlfriend do you have a problem with that, Bob asked, look you think you can just use, and dump me just like that, that's the thing I hate about you rich fellas because you have the money you feel you have the right to treat any lady the way you want, am not going anywhere, you can't dump me, she said, crying in a pitiful way, what did I ever do to you? is it because am not rich just like her, she said again, Bob was moved by her tears, it's nothing like that, he said, then what, she asked as she moved closed to him, she was about to unbutton his shirt, but he stopped her, it's over between us, then he asked her to leave. She pleaded, but he refused listening, I can't just give up on you, she said within herself as she left. 

That night, Bob tried calling Selena, but she refused answering his calls, I have to see her, and apologize to her, he said then he slept off. The next morning, he called Selena again, but she refused answering. After work, he tried calling her again, but she refused answering, then he decided to call Jason,and ask for help. Let's meet at the club, Bob said, and ended the call. One hour later, they two arrived at the club, then he explained everything to Jason, hmm, it's a big problem oh, and it's like this Stephanie don't want to let you go, Jason said, I think so, Bob replied, this is what you get when you date mutiple women, Jason said as he laughed, you always joke over every things, but I think I have learnt a lesson, Bob replied, since you, and Selena are business partners, you should know her office, go pay her a visit, Jason suggested, wow! Bob said, you know I never thought of that, I will go see her tomorrow, Bob replied, good, just relax everything will be fine, Jason said, I know I can always count on you, Bob said, then they shoke hands. 

The next day, when it was noon, and almost lunchtime, Bob drove down to Selena's office. She was preparing to go have her lunch when she received a call from her secretary, hello MA. Someone is here to see you, her secretary said, OK let the person in, she replied. Few minutes later, she heard a knock at the door, come in, she said. What are you doing here? She asked as she saw Bob, please am very sorry, he pleaded, what you want you liar? she asked again, am here to apologize to you, he replied, Selena am very sorry, he said, OK, you can go now, she said, OK, thank you, but it looks like you are going out, he asked, yes, I want to go out to get lunch, she replied, alright, let's go together, he said, no, I can't go with you, it's my working time, she replied, alright let me treat you dinner, he said, she was silent for a few minutes, OK, but I hope I won't see another surprising thing, she said as she smiled, no, we will eat out, he replied, OK, she replied, then he left. 

That evening, they both arrived at a restaurant, placed their orders, and were served. They were still eating when Bob held her right hand, please be my girlfriend, he said, what about your other ladies? she asked, am done with them all, he replied, I really love you, you've changed me alot, he said as he held her other hand, Bob I love you too, but am scared, she said, you don't have to be scared, Bob said, OKay, yes, I will be your girlfriend, but hope I won't see any more ladies, she said as she laughed, I promised, he said, then he planted a kiss on her lips, and they kissed affectionately.

Two days later, Selena went to visit Bob at his apartment. They were having a good time watching movie, when they heard a knock at the door, it should be Jason, I invited him so, you can meet him, he said, as he stood up to go get the door, relax, honey, I should go get the door, Selena said, and went to open the door. When she opened the door she saw Stephanie, where is Bob? Stephanie said, what do you want? Selena asked her, am not here to make trouble, am here to tell him something important, she said, something important? Selena asked, yes, may I come in, she asked, yes, Selena replied. Baby who is at the door, he was still talking, when he saw Stephanie, what do you want? He asked, Stephanie dipped her hand into her handbag, brought out an envelope, and handed it over to Bob, what is this? He asked as he opened the envelope. What! You are pregnant? he said as he glanced through it, pregnant! Selena asked, and collected the paper, No!No! it can't be, Selena cried out.............

  By Esther alex 

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