Kumawood Director Apologies To Agya Koo the comic Actor.

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Kumawood director apologises to Agya koo

After 10 years of animosity, renowned Kumawood film maker Frank Fiifi Gharbin has apologized unconditionally to celebrated comic actor Agya Koo.

After the controversial Okomfo Anokye movie was shot, Agya Koo and Frank Fiifi Gharbin got into an argument.

Director Frank Fiifi Gharbin asked him (Agya Koo) to go nude and shoot a part in the Okomfo Anokye movie, but he rejected it after consulting with several elders at Manhyia Palace.

Agya Koo said that Kumawood movie directors and producers conspired against him and kept him from leading parts after he refused to go nude in the film.

“Ike, I’m not here to explain or justify myself,” Frank Fiifi Gharbin declared on Ike De Unpredictable’s Angel Fm Entertainment Show. Because Agya Koo is my older brother, I must apologize.

While various directors and producers have tried to fix the matter between Agya Koo and Frank Fiifi Gharbin, Frank Fiifi Gharbin said on live radio that now is the perfect moment to apologize.

“I take full responsibility for everything that transpired during the filming of Okomfo Anokye Movie. The only thing I want to say to my brother Agya Koo is please forgive me so we can work together to build the Kumawood Movie Industry,” he continued.

Agya Koo was the finest actor and a legend in Kumawood and I was the best director in Kumawood, thus Ghanaians adore seeing Agya Koo movies I made.

“Abro, Ike De Unpredictable, Amandzeba, Dr Kwaku Oteng and other crew members who helped shoot Okomfo Anokye Movie Industry want Agya Koo to forgive me and accept me as his younger brother.

“We need collaboration, love, and togetherness to resuscitate Kumawood Movie Industry,” he continued.

Date of Birth:1969-05-25.

Place of Birth: Kumasi,Ghana.

Kofi Adu born also known as Agya Koo, is a Ghanaian actor and comedian. In June 2016, Adu got married to Rita Asiedu in London, UK after dating for 4 years.

He was previously married to Victoria Owusu Adomako but divorced. He has appeared in over 200 Ghanaian movies including popular movies among Ghanaians such as Obaatanpa, Away Bus, Black Star and Ma Trick Wo.

Adu is originally from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, but lived in a suburb in Accra Newtown called Asantewaa. He worked as a cobbler. Adu was discovered on a Ghanaian comedy show on GTV (Ghana National Television) at the National Theater in Accra, where he worked as a comedian warming up the crowd.

In July 2008, he was awarded a National Award by then-Ghanaian President John Agyekum Kufuor. Although he originally journeyed to Accra to sing, Agya Koo has been featured in over 90 Ghanaian movies, 15 of which remain his favorite.

Some films he acted.

Keysoap Concert Party.

Agya Koo Gbegbentus.

Three Desperate Friends.

House of Commotion.

Evil Plot To Break My Home.

Kumasi Yonko (meaning - Kumasi Friendship).

Obi nnim awie ye (meaning - No one knows the end).

Ka wonan toso (meaning - Sit properly).

Asew 419A (meaning - In-law 419A).

Business Partner.

Gyina Pintin (meaning - Stand Firm).

Bone So Akatua (meaning - Rewards of Evil).

Obaatanpa (meaning - Good Mother).

Black Star.

Ma Tricki Wo (meaning - I have tricked you).

Agya Koo Trotro Driver.

Joni Waka.

Ohia (meaning - Poverty).

Away Bus.

Nsem Pii (meaning - Many Issues).

Sure banker.

Agya Koo Mechanic.

Aburokyire Abrabo (meaning - Life Abroad).

Agya Koo Bank Manager.

Asem Aba Fie (meaning - An Issue at Home).

Kankan Nyame.

My Soldier Father.

Obidea Aba (meaning - It's the turn of another).

Nnipa Sei Nnipa (meaning - Humans destroy themselves). He is really a Legend in Ghana Kumawood films production.

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