Pain As A Veteran KBC TV Anchor Dies.

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In this time of corona virus pandemic, quite a good number of people have lost their lives. Among them are journalists and many other prominent people. Today the country has been saddened by the death of a veteran KBC TV anchor Badi Muhsin. The cause of his death is said that, he was undergoing a surgical medication of removing stones from his kidney but unfortunately, he lost his life when doctors were trying to save his life in Mombasa.

Following his career, Muhsin worked as a KBC anchor from 1980 to 2002 when Daniel Arap Moi was the president of the republic of Kenya. He relaxed and found his comeback in the field of journalism as anchor of KBC in 2021. He was also the best Swahili anchor and also the best Swahili translator in the year 2010. He worked tirelessly to ensure that people are updated of the current issues.

Kenyans, friends and many others have send their condolences to the family of Badi Muhsin in this difficult moment, to give them a message of hope.


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