Kuame Eugene Meets The Winner Of His 'Dollar On You' Challenge, It Was All Joy- Video


Ghanaian high-life and afrobeat singer-songwriter signed by Lynx Entertainment Kuami Eugene and is known for several song, including "dollar on you" and it one of the hit songs in Ghana now.

Recently Kuami Eugene threw a challenge to all his fans and according to him anyone who can dance well with his new hit song titled 'Dollar on you' he will personally give the winner 100 dollar. Following the challenge he threw, numerous people tried their best but it seemed their best wasn't enough.

A lady whose video was seen on some social media handles in which her dance moves were blended with some slow motions was thought by many to win the prize.

The lady had her video taken in a supermarket where she worked, one couldn't tell whether she owned the place or not. Finally, Kuame Eugene had ended the challenge and he took a time off today to honour his promise.

Accompanied by his men in his customized car, they made it to Etornam, the lady who was declared as the best video maker by Eugene. It was all joy at the sight of Eugene in their supermarket. The lady who was somehow shy couldn't look into the camera.

She kept on hugging Eugene all the more . Finally, led by Eugene's men, the lady was escorted into Eugene's car and the lady's prize was given her. Colleague attendants at the supermarket were filled with joy to have seen the rockster.

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