4 Years after Omojuwa insulted him, Ben Bruce digs up the post that Omojuwa insulted him on in 2017


For a while now some Nigerian Youths have been in the habit of insulting prominent politicians online because they feel that they have freedom of speech.

This post is to further educate Nigerian Youths on the need to apply courtesy whenever they are addressing their elders because no one knows tomorrow.

Popular influencer, Omojuwa who is currently going through a lot of trials and attacks over his involvement with some illegal transactions to promote a protest against a popular drug Lord in Cape Verde has been reminded by Senator Ben Bruce to learn from his part mistakes.

Omojuwa was one of the core Buhari supporter who will stop at nothing to insult any opposition irrespective of who the person was.

The table has so turned that he is gradually becoming one of the most hated influencers online.

Today, Senator Ben Bruce decided to dig up an old post that Omojuwa made in 2017, in that post Omojuwa really insulted the Senator in a very serious way despite the fact that the Senator is not even his age mate or class.

See what he said below.

The Senator posted that screenshot with a special message for Omojuwa and Nigerian Youths.

See what he said below.

Some people have begged the Senator to forgive him and even try to help him stand to his feet in this trying time. See some comments below.

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