Six quick and easy natural hairstyles you can rock while heading for lectures.

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Being in the university and having to cope with the hairstyles to put on can lead to one being stressed out.(especially if you're on natural hair).

Well I gat you covered with this six easy and quick hairstyles to rock:

1. Twists. If you need a quick and easy protective style for your black, natural curls, try an updo with flat twists running towards the crown of your head where you can add some extensions if you want. It’s an elegant updo that works great for women with fine or thinning hair.

2. Puffs. A puff is a substitute for a common it's so easy to achieve this hairstyle. When you also add twists or braidings into your puff hairstyles, you have all chances to come up with something really cute and eye-catching.

3. Bantu knots (twisted out). This hairstyle is one that would make you standout in the crowd and the sweet part of it is that it can go for any hair type.

4. Mohawks and Fauxhawks. Never goes wrong with the style or out of fashion, these hairstyles are perfect for urgent meetings or lectures.

5. Finger coils. If you are searching for hairstyles which makes one outstand, thenq finger coils are an excellent idea.

6. Wash and go. Wash your hair as you would do normally, put in moisturizer and run out the door. If you want more beautifications add some flair with a headband. That's all.

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