"Arrest PS & CS Petroleum, Corruption Is Being Sanitized At The Cabinet Level" Ledama Requests Uhuru


Corruption in Kenya is one of the Major the derailment of development and vision 2030.

Senator Ledama Ole Kina has come out to claim that corruption in Kenya right now is being sanitized at the cabinet level.

The vocal senator has questioned on why the cabinet secretaries put estate corporation into a receivership.

Following his sentiments, the Senator has requested the President of Kenya, Honorable Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and arrest the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Petroleum, the Cabinet Secretary and the former CEO and NOC.

"Corruption in Kenya is now being sanitized at the cabinet level! Why on earth would a cabinet secretary put a state corporation into receivership??? Mr. President take a leaf from the late Magufuli and jail the PS Ministry of Petroleum, the CS as well as the Former CEO of NOC" a statement from Senator Ledama Ole Kina.

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