Meet The Hairiest Girl In The World And How She Looks After Shaving


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Supatra Sasuphan, a ten-year-old Thai teen, was exposed to the world nine years ago. The small young girl had a hair-covered face and body, which set her apart from most 10-year-old young females. Supatra is afflicted with hypertrichosis, a disorder that causes excessive hair growth.

She is said to have shaved her body hair and now has this appearance.

Hair growth is severely restricted all over her body, with hairs growing as long as those on her head. Her outlandish conduct has earned her a place in the Guinness World Records.

Despite the numerous insults and remarks she got as a child, she managed to have a good outlook on her position for a long time. she wrote.

"I don't think anyone else thinks I'm exceptional, and I have many friends at school."

Supatra says that because she was exposed to so much difficulty as a youngster, she no longer receives the nasty remarks she used, such as being connected to a monkey.

Even now, the 19-year-old is overjoyed. She did, however, find a young man with whom she plans to marry soon: 'You're not merely my first sweetheart, you're the affection for my life,' she said to her soon-to-be husband on her Facebook profile. She now shaves her hair if it gets too long. Even though laser surgery had been recommended, it had never worked for her.

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