2 Lucrative Business Ideas You Can Start With 100k In Nigeria

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There are some businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria. These businesses may be a good business idea if it's properly managed. Here are two business ideas you can start with 100k in Nigeria:

1. Cooking & Delivery Business

Some people no longer have time to prepare meals for themselves or even for the family while some prefer tasty delicious meals but don't know how to cook them. If you have passion and you are skilled in cooking this idea may be the best idea for you.

• Firstly you may take a contract to go to peoples house and prepare different dishes which they can store while you charge for your service.

•  You may start as a corporate service: Where you take people's orders while cooking in your house and deliver to offices, homes, and events while customizing and branding your package.

• You may start catering services.

• You may create a fast food restaurant shop at a busy location or bus stop

• You may make your cookings to target healthy or weight watchers niche market by using organic and natural ingredients.

Try and make sure you cook and deliver what people want at the right time.

3. Car Wash Business

A car wash business may be a milk money business for you depending on your plan and ideas, you may need to be focused on this business even though starting with a budget of 100k. It is a business that can be run anywhere in the country not compulsory in Lagos city but a nice location with a water supply.

You can start your car wash business by having an idea that people may be waiting while washing their car for about an hour or more than depending on their car size. They may need somewhere to wait, rest while waiting for their car; take a look at having a corner around the car wash premises for relaxation with a cool music background that can serve chilled drinks and snacks or chops or food that can go with it.

If your capital cannot afford this, you may extend these services to a small entrepreneur with quality service while you may collect rent which may add to your monthly revenue. Try to create terms of service that you may renew from time to time.

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