Skeem Saam : Lehasa's change of heart about Pretty's pregnancy leaves mzansi in shock

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Skeemsaam: Lehasa's transformation of Pretty's pregnancy leaves a lasting impression on me

 Lehasa and the beauty were attracted when Pretty was dating Kat. We have seen Lehasa's relationship with the beautiful last few days but the beautiful one became pregnant.

 Although the beauty was aware that she was pregnant, Lehasa had a new love, notle. We were both hopeful that Lehasa would accept Pretty's pregnancy as she wanted children for a long time but things changed.

 We soon saw Lehasa deny the child in front of the elders. He obviously did this without thinking because his new love was there. Has he changed his mind ?? If Nothile can be different from Lehasa he can have a good hope.

 Lehasa calls and arranges things between them because someone has solved her. This will be very interesting, although we do not know how her mother will feel.

 Lehasa will eventually get up and do the right thing. Please leave a comment, tell us what you think about Lehasa's change of heart


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