A good job by the Hawks after they did this arrest

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The South African law enforcement agencies need to be praised when a job gets well done.There was a report of a job that was well done by law enforcement agencies that needs to be appreciated. It took place on the N1 highway in the Western Cape when police managed to sieze drugs worth R1.2-million and arrested a suspect in the process. The arrest was reportedly made a reality by the South African Narcotics Enforcement Bureau of the Hawks .It took place on Friday when the drugs were found in the vehicle .

The operation reportedly took place during a police operation , with the 35 year old suspect getting arrested. In accordance with the report,a white truck was made to stop during a stop and search operation near Beaufort West. The truck was reported to have been on its way to Cape Town from Johannesburg .When a search was conducted, police noticed two brown boxes which reportedly contained 20000 tablets that were suspected to have been those of andrax.Zinzi Hanani , who is the spokesperson for the Hawks reportedly made the confirmation. It is clear that operations often yield positive results for the law enforcement agencies.

Many crimes get intercepted as a result of the operations.The stop and search operations need to be conducted in townships as well as there are many crimes that are reported on a daily basis.Roadblocks also need to be mounted at might in order to help save criminals from being conducted. Police need to protect the public on a daily basics and during the day and night.As much as police mount roadblocks during the day, the same thing needs to take place at night as well.It was a good job by the Hawks as it has saved someone from being damaged by the andrax pills .What else do you want to see the law enforcement agencies doing to curb crimes.

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