Approved for 350 SRD but not paid do the following

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Payout dates are determined by the last three digits of the beneficiary's ID number. This system was introduced in the first phase of the grants to prevent overcrowding at branches.

Unpaid 350 beneficiaries are confused now Sassa never send messages on their phone to come to collect the money. Right now Sassa issued a statement saying all uncollected 350 will be taken.

The SA Post Office (Sapo) will be paying out the Covid-19 R350 grants this week to all applicants who were approved by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

SASSA has not been sending out text messages to remind people to pick up their payments at the post office. A few folks went to the post office without receiving an SMS notice and received yours. If your payment has been approved and you have waited a while but have not received an SMS, simply go to your nearest POST OFFICE.

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