The Amount Of Money A USA Hotel Worker Earns Per Hour In Kenya Shillings


United States is among best countries you can visit.The payment there is in dollars,every country has some different challenges they face,similarly,to USA has also some problems.If you want to stay well in foreign countries you must be social and make good friends.Photo Courtesy.

The Amount They Get

United States is a developed country hence payment in every job is satisfying to most people.Photo Courtesy.

The average hourly wage for a hotel worker in USA is $15 to $31 which is about KES 1500 and KES 3100 respectively.However,the hourly rate can change depending on many important factors like education,skills and number of years you have spend in your profession.Photo Courtesy.

Note:This amount is for the workers who ensure the hotel service is provided.For the managers is high more than $20.

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