Former Powerful MP Reveals The Game Odinga Is Using to Lure Kenyans Support Constitutional Amendment

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Abdikadir Mohammed courtesy Facebook

Former Mandera Central member of parliament Abdikadir Mohammed has reacted after vocal political analyst professor Edward Kisiang'ani said it was difficult to deal with former prime minister Raila Odinga.

The analyst in his statement had wondered why would Mr Odinga hardly push for a constitutional change when the country is in serious crisis after government failed to fully implement the current constitution.

Abdikadir Mohammed has reacted saying Mr Odinga knows well what he is doing and that he knows the current constitution is innocent and needs no amendment but rather full implementation.

He claimed the ODM leader however plays his cards well and has used brains to blind Kenyans on the innocence of the current constitution. He said Odinga chosed his words carefully branding the initiative BBI which sounds catchy to Kenyans who in turn get attracted.

"That great Politician knows full well that the Katiba is innocent... he just needs a popular vehicle and slogan... #bbi sounds catchy and Katiba is always in fashion..."the veteran politician said.

Raila Odinga courtesy Facebook

Analyst Kisiang'ani had in his statement further acknowledged that the current constitution was good thus no need to alter it.

"This politician Raila Odinga is a difficult person to deal with. He can't accommodate the simple truth that our country is in problems not because of a bad Constitution but because of our failure to implement a good Constitution that we already have."

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