30 year old man dies after loose sand crumbles on him in Siaya

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Chrisphine Oduor who was 30 years old was a sand harvester in Karamogi A a village in Siaya . He was in one of his errands to harvest sand when his unpredictable death finally took place on that fateful day. He had gone to harvest sand in a place a long River Nzoia in Western province. He was walking along the river without realizing the lose sand on the river banks. According to the chief of that area, Humphrey Otieno, the lose sand suddenly engulfed the man making him unable to breath and finally losing his life in the process.

His colleagues on seeing the sand engulf him, they ran to rescue him but the struggles were in vain because the man had already passed away. It is such a sorrow because the death was so sudden and unexpected by those close to him. I think we should be more careful when dealing with places that might not be safe for us

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