How To Treat Your Ex-girlfriend After A Breakup

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Although, relationships are not built so they could be shattered in the end the unexpected is bound to happen in unforeseen circumstances. And if such happens there are ways a male partner can handle the situation without really making the female ex-partner feel so bad.

Give Reason Not Excuse;

Most guys make the mistake of giving their exes unworthy excuses when they bring a relationship to an end. However, what to do is give a concrete reason behind leaving the relationship in a way that the female partner would even feel you did her a favor by breaking up.

Pick Up Her Calls;

A girl who truly enjoyed your presence in a relationship would still give you calls at intervals after a breakup. However, whenever her call comes in endeavor to answer them and give positive feedbacks to whatever she might enquire of you so she won't feel the pain of the recent heartbreak.

Don't Flaunt Your New Girl;

What pains a lady most is to see her crush loving someone else. It would be wrong of a guy to jump into another relationship weeks after exiting one. This would hurt your ex so much that she would feel you left just to please some other lady.

Comment on Her Success;

Don't just keep mute on your former girlfriend entirely because your relationship has come to an end. Whenever important events such as birthdays, graduations and other notable days come up don't hesitate to reach out to her and give awesome compliments.

Give Her a Surprise Visit;

Checking up on one's ex is not an abomination for mature individuals. Endeavor to visit your Ex-girlfriend’s home at least once in a month to show you never meant to hurt her feeling by staying out of the former relationship. But don't visit constantly as this may piss her off at a stage.

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