Tob Cohen's Family Files Case In Court Seeking Action To be Taken Against Nordin Hadji

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Tob Cohen's family has filed a petition in court seeking the removal of Norddin Hadji from office on allegations that he is mishandling their kins murder. According to an affidavit seen by a digital media publishing company, the family wants ODPP to be removed forcibly from office, but the family has listed other cases that Norddin Hadji has failed to prosecute as reasons enough for him to resign or be removed. Hannah, Cohen's sister, has listed other cases.

Hannah Gabriel accused Norddin Hadji of nepotism, favoritism, and corruption, all of which are against his oath of office. According to Tob Cohen's family, they have seen enough evidence linking Judge Sankale to their kin's death, but Hadji is preventing the DCI from arresting the alleged corrupt judge.

Hannah also stated that the ODPP office is a weak link between police officers and judges, which has continued to affect Kenyans.

It's been months since Tob Cohen was murdered by unknown assailants, with a top judge being linked to his assassination along with Cohen's wife. Cohen was murdered on either July 19/20 and his body hidden in a septic tank within his compound until it was discovered by detectives. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Sankale met with Sarah Cohen just hours after the businessman was murdered in his Nairobi home.

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