[Opinion] Man United have a better 'number 7' than Man City.

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The Manchester derby has always been the 'attention drawer' in the English Premier League. The jersey number 7 is a huge responsibility. Today's focus will be on two players in the Manchester derby that have the best 'ride' as being number 7: Ronaldo and and Sterling. Sterling takes second place while Ronaldo takes first place. Let us look at the stats.See the source image


Raheem Sterling is a midfielder who is 26 years old, 170cm tall, and weighs 69kg. He has spent 7 seasons with his current club Manchester City, appearing in 344 matches and scoring 119 goals.

What is the total number of goals Raheem Sterling has scored this season?

Raheem Sterling has scored seven goals this season. In the national team, he has two goals ( World Cup Qualification EU). He scored 5 goals for the club ( Premier League, Champions League). This season, Raheem Sterling has also recorded two assists, played 1872 minutes, and started 11 games in the first line. See the source image

In club tournaments, Raheem Sterling averages 0.24 goals per game. He scored 14 goals in 57 club outings last season, averaging 0.25 goals per game. Raheem Sterling has a total of 18 shots for Manchester City this season, 9 of which have been on goal. Raheem Sterling has completed 85 percent of his passes.


Cristiano Ronaldo is a 36-year-old forward who stands 185 cm tall and weighs 80 kilograms. He has played for his current club Manchester United for seven seasons, appearing in 283 games and scoring 129 goals.

How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored this season?


This season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 20 goals for Real Madrid. For the national team, he has eight goals ( World Cup Qualification EU, Friendlies). For the club, he scored 12 goals ( Premier League, Serie A, Champions League, Friendlies). Cristiano Ronaldo has two assists, 2141 minutes played, and 17 starts in the first line this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo averages 0.6 goals per game in club tournaments. Last season, he scored 35 goals in 49 club appearances, averaging 0.71 goals per game. This season, Cristiano Ronaldo has had 32 shots for Manchester United, 17 of which have gone on goal. 82 percent of Cristiano Ronaldo's passes have been completed.

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