"You've betrayed us all": Fans accuse Shemima of "betraying" Ali after finding "new love"


Ali and Shemima are one of the favourite couples of all time that have been able to stick together even after the end of the Date Rush season. They are part of the few who have been able to keep it real and not create stir online with different sorts of drama like the others do. But although this is the case, some trouble seems to be brewing after Shemima posted a picture of herself in the company of her daughter and another man.

The picture of the trio looked cozy enough and that caught the attention of her fans and caused them to ask questions about the identity of the gentleman in the picture. But in order not to draw attention to herself, she added the caption, “a friend in need is a friend indeed" in order to clear all suspicion of her being involved with another man while she’s abroad.

For the many who did not know, Shemima is abroad enjoying herself in Dubai as disclosed by Ali and her constant posts of her pictures there, while Ali is here in Ghana. That is the first clue that gave the man in the picture out as a stranger and caused many to panic because of the possibility of her moving on from Ali. Again, Ali is known for wearing a particular pair of shades, black and white in colour, which seem to be his favourite and his trademark and since the gentleman in the picture is in normal shades and a nose mask to hide his identity. 

Fans have asked her not to disappoint their faith in her and Ali's relationship and hope that the gentleman is who she says he is, just a “friend”.

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