Exposed? All about the Kojo Bonsu Agenda in the NDC Presidential Race

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Officially, three people are reckoning for the presidential nomination of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), this author have it on authority. The gentlemen are former President John Dramani Mahama, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, a former Governor of the Central Bank and a former Mayor of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Kojo Bonsu.

Kojo Bonsu is the latest to announce his intentions to run in the NDC presidential primary, after Dr. Duffour, who decided same sometime last year. Although there might be no official announcement from the camp of the former President, all of his pronouncements and posturing suggest that Mr. John Dramani Mahama is all poised to give another shot at the NDC presidential nomination.

In fact, he is considered as the leader of the opposition, by virtue of his performance in the 2020 general elections. The former President put up a strong showing by witling down the voter numbers he lost to President Akufo Addo in the 2016 elections. In a show that goes beyond sheer bravado, Kojo Bonsu has begun talking tough to the extent that some of his messages constitute a clear smear against his former boss, President John Mahama.

It was Mr. Mahama who stood for and ensured that Kojo Bonsu was approved as the Mayor of Kumasi during the tenure of the former as the President of Ghana. Many have interpreted Kojo Bonsu’s attacks on Mr. Mahama as his own; and not the fact that he is stating how the NPP has smeared President Mahama that badly that he (Mahama) has no chance in the 2024 elections competing against any opposition, especially, an NPP presidential candidate.

According to Kojo Bonsu, it’s time Mr. Mahama bowed out of the NDC presidential race to save his bruised image, which he admitted though, was largely as a result of the lies peddled against him (President Mahama) by the NPP. Although he admitted that the allegations by the NPP that Mr. Mahama is corrupt and a womanizer are not true; he opines that nonetheless, the NPP has succeeded to make the lies stick on the otherwise forthright character of President Mahama, and that is a huge issue that the NDC cannot erase with ease.

So the best way for Mr. Mahama to maintain his integrity is for him to pull out of the NDC nominations for people like him (Kojo Bonsu), to fight for the former President and save the NDC from tasting another defeat and a possible opposition beyond 2024. The Kojo Bonsu campaign strategy has sparked off serious reactions within the NDC with some Mahama assigns warning and swearing to expose Kojo Bonsu of every shady deal he committed during his tenure as KMA boss.

It’s on record that Kojo Bonsu’s tenure recorded an ignominious and an abominable act, when some chieftains of the Asante Traditional Council slaughtered a sheep to as they say “on his head”, to signal his total rejection by Asanteman.  It was that traditional purity rites that led to the rejection and resignation of Kojo Bonsu as the KMA mayor. However, many NDC folks allege that Kojo Bonsu is a planted mole of an aspirant in the NDC presidential race. Is he therefore doing the bidding of Dr. Duffour or any other prospective candidate in the up-coming NDC presidential nominations?

For now, some NDC members and supporters believe Kojo Bonsu is strategically placed by Dr. Duffour to roughen up the Mahama candidacy. But why will Kojo Bonsu go on that rout? The conventional thinking in the party is factored in historical relevance. Bonsu played similar role in the run-up to the NDC presidential nominations for the 2020 elections. In that race, he exhibited same level of stoicism as if he was campaigning on his own strength, only to throw his weight behind the Mahama candidacy at the last hurdle.

Paradoxically, he seems set to play similar trick this time to favour Kwabena Duffour’s bid, Mahama supporters claim. It’s believed that Bonsu hasn’t got the wherewithal to pick up the presidential slot of the NDC and is perhaps engaging in the guerilla politics for personal gains. Dr. Duffour’s campaign is hinged on three pillars. These are his Asante background, the danger of Mahama’s one term disadvantage; and the fact that he has the resources to meet Mahama boot for boot.

Dr. Duffour believes that as an Asante, he has the best disposed personality to break the NPP hegemony in Asante, which ultimately will weaken NPP’s strength in numbers in the 2024 General Elections. On all occasions that the NPP had won Ghanaian elections, the Ashanti Region with its largest voter population, has offered close to half of NPP’s popular votes. Any strong showing by an NDC candidate in the Ashanti Region is likely to pave the way for an NDC victory in any General Elections in Ghana.

And this is where the Kojo Boansu conspiracy theory comes in. His alleged support for the Duffour candidacy will enable the two pick many Asante votes, which is the largest in the country, and eventually help the NDC, in event Duffour wins the NDC presidential slot, win the 2024 General Elections. But how popular is Kojo Bonsu in his own Ashanti Region to garner Asante votes for Duffour in the two elections—internal NDC primary and the General Elections?














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