Three arrested over police recruitment fraud

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The rise of theft in this nation is too much. Young ones who are supposed to be in school learning are now looking for ways and means to make money but I don't blame the youth 100% because I think 50% is from their parents.

If their parents were to be responsible enough to cater for their children and give them all their heart desires then why will they go out using deceitful ways to make money.

Secondly, if their parents were to be responsible enough to train them in a God fearing way and discipline them, then how will they learn such bad things and indulge in such activities.

Though some parents are financially weak but try their best to provide for their children and most ungrateful children do not appreciate it and indulge in bad activities to make money, it's still their parents fault.

As a parent you should talk to your child and make them understand certain things. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

I hope we all heard the police recruitment which even a young boy went into and sparked lots of reactions for being too young for such occupation.

Three young boys have gone on Facebook and disguised as the Head of Police officer with his name and are asking for people to recruit into the police army but should pay a few money for the form and process.

Many people thought of it that the police officer won't do that because such a respected and reputable man won't go on Facebook asking for money so the news reached the police.

They traced the boys and unlucky for them they were caught. See them below:

This serves as a warning to all those who indulge in such activities, if you are one stop or else your end will not be well. Remember the saying what you reap us what you sow.

Please if anyone ask for money from you on any social media platform please do not give the person. It's a scammer or fraudsters and if the person calls you too for the same reason and you seem not to know the person, report for the person to be traced and caught.

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