Opinion - I think this country is doomed under ANC

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 So this is really about South Africa, my country.

I think this country is doomed under ANC, basically just like most blacks, I was conditioned to hate everything belonging to white because of our background. So I hated DA or ever other white political party out there. I think time has come for all South Africans to look at what is good for the country and who are capable of providing it. What ANC has done for 27 years in power has been insulting to say the least. These thugs are not for blacks, they are not for anyone and those who still believe in them, well they either benefit through tenders or they simply do not have good interests for this country.

My siblings and cousins finished matric, want to go to universities but deep down I know it's a waste of money and time but what other options do they have? My kids will never have work under ANC, most of us would be lucky to still have work in the next 10 years. ANC have put policies that made it very difficult for international investors, yet they say they are dedicated to solving the unemployment issue in the country. Yes the factors of production a

In SA are either expensive or do not exist, ANC cannot discuss Economic growth because they know that we do not have the skills in this country because the universities continue to provide useless programs and on the other hand the investors thinks SA is expensive to run a business in.

Now how are other companies investing? Is government using our tax to subsidize these companies? Am I paying tax for my employer to be able to pay me? Also we know this is the mechanism for government to loot. Any project that takes place you just know it equals to corruption, building of a road, construction bridge, a stadium 😂, RDP houses if they are still built and more.

No one cares that these guys are destroying our country. As blacks we need to brake away from ANC spell, they are cancer. Basically I don't see how EFF can make a difference as they are same as ANC, the only difference is that they are interested in taking white people land but how will they create jobs under these policies of ANC that are scaring investors? Malema as an individual scares investors, how will he create jobs?

DA has people who have 90% of the wealth, they are desperate for favourable policies to invest, yes I know they are guilty of many things including the celebriting the Phoenix massacre but as a country we need to move forward for the sake of the next generation whose future is filled with uncertainty, unemployment, civil unrest and more. The only development we experience as a country is the access to a new IPhone.

I have never voted before because I have never believed in the options available, but I'm scared for our future that I'm forced to consider the DA.

In addition - My position might change, my opinion might change but this is my 10 cents for now.

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