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Around the world, black hand prints are appearing on doorways, 

Elias keeps seeing visions👀

In a dark and dusty world full of worldly and evil missions, 🥶

Mithra😍 a persian god now the guardian angel of Elias is struggling to save her own life as she's being held captive 😔😔

With this chance, Anamalitha one of the most dangerous and sexy demon transforms herself into a human figure to enter into the life of the poor soul knowing how prone Elias has become to them without Mithra😔

"For, nor in nothing, nor in things/Extreme, and scatt'ring bright, can love inhere." When an angel appears, it takes *of aire*...there was the need to be in disguise in her opinion

For years the demons have ruled earth with plaques and commitious sin...😏😳

Many have tangled with them to get a win

Many lost their lives....

With their leader being Amesha, no one is safe...only the strongest and mightiest angels of this earth can try to close the portal between man and demons leaving them with hives

Elsewhere in Argentina a young Hebrew rookie historian student who has read a lot of books regarding angels and demon is about to be caught up in a brutal war

Obrien speaks many languages due to her eagerness to read anybook regardless the language barrier realises what's coming..

General Introduction

The purpose of the story is to present a play by Jeff *Caught on camera* in the simpliest and direct way I can..

As we move along we will all get greater pleasure out of the reading..

No form of theft would be accepted😏😊

Thank you all for your support😊🙃


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