Anointed Rice: A Snappy Rice Meal Enjoyed By Many Ghanaians

Among the numerous local meals enjoyed by Ghanaians, there has been one that stands out as far as its preparation is concerned. The meal is so easy to make that it is assumed if a Ghanaian man can't perform any "kitchen acrobatics" at all, this meal should be one he can easily make his way through with.

"Angwah Moo" as it is affectionately called, interpreted as Oil rice is considered the ultimate "boys-boys" meal in Ghana because of how easy it is to make.

In preparing "Angwah Moo" a noble amount of oil is placed on a source of heat till it gets hot. A few slices of onions are introduced into the hot oil and stirred for a while, then the main ingredient which is locally grown Ghanaian rice is added to the mixture and stirred for a few minutes and then a good amount of slightly salty water is added.

After about 15 minutes food is ready. It must be noted that this meal is mostly enjoyed by men especially bachelors because of how easy it is to prepare.